Bokod, Benguet - (CAR)
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Location: Bokod, Benguet - (CAR)

Bokod is a 4th class municipality in the province of Benguet. It has a total land area of 30,678.7410 hectares and is the second largest municipality of Benguet with 13.40% of Benguet's total land area. The municipality is bounded on the north by Kabayan, on the west by Atok, on the east by Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya and on the south by Itogon. It has a distance of 336 kilometers from Manila.

The word Bakun is derived from the word “Bakkung” which means dipper, a wooden kitchen/dining utensil used in pouring/scooping soup.

According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 11,705 people in 2,242 households.

Bokod is politically subdivided into 10 barangays.

Bakun is basically an agricultural community. Majority of its land area is devoted to agricultural activities.

Field crops: rice, corn, legumes, ginger; root crops such as sweet potato, cassava, gabi and highland vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, potato, Chinese cabbage.

Fruit crops: citrus/oranges, banana, avocado, mango and passion fruit are also raised.

Some resident also engage on the industry of cut flowers production as a result of its high demand.

Tourist Spots:

a. Mount Kamaltakan

b. Badekbek Sulfur Springs

c. Palansa Panoramic View

d. Bila Mountain Saddle

e. Ekip Mossy Forest

f. Palpalan Waterfalls

g. Adwagan River

h. Bobbok Second Growth Pine Forests

i. Ambuklao and Binga Dam

j. Mt.Pulag

Just like other areas in the country, the municipality has two pronounced seasons, the wet season which occurs on the late part of the month of April until October and the dry season which occurs on the early part of November until March. The coldest temperature is 10 degrees centigrade that is felt during the month of December to January and warmest is 28 degrees centigrade during the month of April to July. Weather in the entire municipality is generally pleasant. It is pleasantly cool in the higher areas where summer heat is only felt during noon times.