Calanasan (Bayag)

Calanasan (Bayag), Apayao - (CAR)
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Location: Calanasan (Bayag), Apayao - (CAR)

General Description

Calanasan is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Apayao. Best known as the home of free and peace-loving people. The place offers exquisite beauty with rich culture, the land of great Isnag heroes. The town has an approximate area of 142, 298 hectares.

Calanasan, lies on the northwestern most part of the Cordilleras. It is bounded on the north by the towns of Adams, Ilocos Norte; and Sta. Praxedes and Claveria in Cagayan, on the east are the municipalities of Luna and Pudtol in Apayao and Pamplona in Cagayan, on the south is the municipality of Kabugao, Apayao and on the west is the towns of Solsona and Carasi, Ilocos Norte.

According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 12,806 people in 2,034 households.

It has nineteen barangays comprised of eighteen regular barangays and one administrative barangay.

The town is primarily mountainous in terrain, it is gifted with vast variety of wild flora and fauna. Predominantly rugged and mountainous with sporadic flood plains and plateaus.

Calanasan has its distinct cultural heritage which is the pride and legacy of our unsung hereos- our great forefathers and elders.

The people living in Calanasan exhibit some lifestyles distinct from other cultural aggrupations, although some common tribal cultures prevail- be it material or non-material. Material culture comes in the form of arts, culinaries, anitwares, to name a few, and non-material culture form part of lifeways and literature.

The climate is dry between the months of November and April, and wet the rest of the year.