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List of zip codes in Batangas

4234: Zipcode of Santo Tomas in Santo Tomas, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4233: Zipcode of Malvar in Malvar, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4232: Zipcode of Tanauan in Tanauan City, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4231: Zipcode of Nasugbu in Nasugbu, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4230: Zipcode of Ibaan in Ibaan, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4229: Zipcode of Lobo in Lobo, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4228: Zipcode of Taysan in Taysan, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4227: Zipcode of San Jose in San Jose, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4226: Zipcode of San Juan in San Juan, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4225: Zipcode of Rosario in Rosario, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4224: Zipcode of Padre Garcia in Padre Garcia, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4223: Zipcode of Mataas Na Kahoy in Mataas Na Kahoy, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4222: Zipcode of Cuenca in Cuenca, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4221: Zipcode of Laurel in Laurel, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4220: Zipcode of Talisay in Talisay, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4219: Zipcode of Balite in Balete, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4218: Zipcode of Fernando Airbase in Lipa City, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4217: Zipcode of Lipa City in Lipa City, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4216: Zipcode of Lian in Lian, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4215: Zipcode of Calatagan in Calatagan, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4214: Zipcode of Tuy in Tuy, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4213: Zipcode of Balayan in Balayan, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4212: Zipcode of Calaca in Calaca, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4211: Zipcode of Agoncillo in Agoncillo, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4210: Zipcode of San Luis in San Luis, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4209: Zipcode of Lemery in Lemery, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4208: Zipcode of Taal in Taal, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4207: Zipcode of San Nicolas in San Nicolas, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4206: Zipcode of Santa Teresita in Santa Teresita, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4205: Zipcode of Alitagtag in Alitagtag, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4204: Zipcode of San Pascual in San Pascual, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4203: Zipcode of Tingloy in Tingloy, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4202: Zipcode of Mabini in Mabini, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4201: Zipcode of Bauan in Bauan, Batangas - (Region IVA)

4200: Zipcode of Batangas City in Batangas City, Batangas - (Region IVA)

List of zip codes in Cavite

4125: Zipcode of Corregidor in Cavite City, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4124: Zipcode of General Emilio Aguinaldo (Bailen) in General Emilio Aguinaldo, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4123: Zipcode of Alfonso in Alfonso, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4122: Zipcode of Indang in Indang, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4121: Zipcode of Mendez in Mendez (Mendez-Nunez), Cavite - (Region IVA)

4120: Zipcode of Tagaytay City in Tagaytay City, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4119: Zipcode of Amadeo in Amadeo, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4118: Zipcode of Silang in Silang, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4117: Zipcode of General Mariano Alvarez in Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4116: Zipcode of Carmona in Carmona, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4115: Zipcode of Dasmarinas - Resettlement Area in Dasmarinas, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4114: Zipcode of Dasmarinas in Dasmarinas, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4113: Zipcode of Magallanes in Magallanes, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4112: Zipcode of Maragondon in Maragondon, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4111: Zipcode of Ternate in Ternate, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4110: Zipcode of Naic in Naic, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4109: Zipcode of Trece Martires City in Trece Martires City, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4108: Zipcode of Tanza in Tanza, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4107: Zipcode of General Trias in General Trias, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4106: Zipcode of Rosario in Rosario, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4105: Zipcode of Noveleta in Noveleta, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4104: Zipcode of Kawit in Kawit, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4103: Zipcode of Imus in Imus, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4102: Zipcode of Bacoor in Bacoor, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4101: Zipcode of Cavite Navy Base in Cavite City, Cavite - (Region IVA)

4100: Zipcode of Cavite City in Cavite City, Cavite - (Region IVA)

List of zip codes in Laguna

4033: Zipcode of Bay in Bay, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4032: Zipcode of Luisiana in Luisiana, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4031: Zipcode of College Los Banos in Los Banos, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4030: Zipcode of Los Banos in Los Banos, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4029: Zipcode of Camp Vicente Lim in Calamba City, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4028: Zipcode of Canlubang in Calamba City, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4027: Zipcode of Calamba in Calamba City, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4026: Zipcode of Santa Rosa in Santa Rosa, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4025: Zipcode of Cabuyao in Cabuyao, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4024: Zipcode of Binan in Binan, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4023: Zipcode of San Pedro in San Pedro, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4022: Zipcode of Santa Maria in Santa Maria, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4021: Zipcode of Famy in Famy, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4020: Zipcode of Mabitac in Mabitac, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4019: Zipcode of Siniloan in Siniloan, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4018: Zipcode of Pangil in Pangil, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4017: Zipcode of Pakil in Pakil, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4016: Zipcode of Paete in Paete, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4015: Zipcode of Kalayaan in Kalayaan, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4014: Zipcode of Lumban in Lumban, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4013: Zipcode of Cavinti in Cavinti, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4012: Zipcode of Calauan in Calauan, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4011: Zipcode of Victoria in Victoria, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4010: Zipcode of Pila in Pila, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4009: Zipcode of Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4008: Zipcode of Pagsanjan in Pagsanjan, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4007: Zipcode of Magdalena in Magdalena, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4006: Zipcode of Botocan in Magdalena, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4005: Zipcode of Majayjay in Majayjay, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4004: Zipcode of Liliw in Liliw, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4003: Zipcode of Rizal in Rizal, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4002: Zipcode of Nagcarlan in Nagcarlan, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4001: Zipcode of Alaminos in Alaminos, Laguna - (Region IVA)

4000: Zipcode of San Pablo City in San Pablo City, Laguna - (Region IVA)

List of zip codes in Quezon

4342: Zipcode of Jomalig in Jomalig, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4341: Zipcode of Patnanungan in Patnanungan, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4340: Zipcode of Burdeos in Burdeos, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4339: Zipcode of Polillo in Polillo, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4338: Zipcode of General Nakar in General Nakar, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4337: Zipcode of Panukulan in Panukulan, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4336: Zipcode of Infanta in Infanta, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4335: Zipcode of Real in Real, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4334: Zipcode of Perez in Perez, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4333: Zipcode of Alabat in Alabat, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4332: Zipcode of Quezon in Quezon, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4331: Zipcode of Atimonan in Atimonan, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4330: Zipcode of Mauban in Mauban, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4329: Zipcode of Sampaloc in Sampaloc, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4328: Zipcode of Lucban in Lucban, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4327: Zipcode of Tayabas in Tayabas, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4326: Zipcode of Dolores in Dolores, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4325: Zipcode of Tiaong in Tiaong, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4324: Zipcode of San Antonio in San Antonio, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4323: Zipcode of Candelaria in Candelaria, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4322: Zipcode of Sariaya in Sariaya, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4321: Zipcode of Tagkawayan in Tagkawayan, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4320: Zipcode of Buenavista in Buenavista, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4319: Zipcode of Guinayangan in Guinayangan, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4318: Zipcode of Calauag in Calauag, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4317: Zipcode of Hondagua in Lopez, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4316: Zipcode of Lopez in Lopez, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4315: Zipcode of San Francisco in San Francisco (Aurora), Quezon - (Region IVA)

4314: Zipcode of San Andres in San Andres, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4313: Zipcode of San Narciso in San Narciso, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4312: Zipcode of Mulanay in Mulanay, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4311: Zipcode of Catanauan in Catanauan, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4310: Zipcode of General Luna in General Luna, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4309: Zipcode of Macalelon in Macalelon, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4308: Zipcode of Pitogo in Pitogo, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4307: Zipcode of Gumaca in Gumaca, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4306: Zipcode of Plaridel in Plaridel, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4305: Zipcode of Unisan in Unisan, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4304: Zipcode of Agdangan in Agdangan, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4303: Zipcode of Padre Burgos in Padre Burgos, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4302: Zipcode of Pagbilao in Pagbilao, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4301: Zipcode of Lucena City in Lucena City, Quezon - (Region IVA)

4300: Zipcode of Quezon Capitol in Quezon, Quezon - (Region IVA)

List of zip codes in Rizal

1990: Zipcode of Jala-Jala in Jala-Jala, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1980: Zipcode of Tanay in Tanay, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1970: Zipcode of Baras in Baras, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1960: Zipcode of Morong in Morong, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1950: Zipcode of Cardona in Cardona, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1940: Zipcode of Binangonan in Binangonan, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1930: Zipcode of Angono in Angono, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1920: Zipcode of Taytay in Taytay, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1910: Zipcode of Pililla in Pililla, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1900: Zipcode of Cainta in Cainta, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1880: Zipcode of Teresa in Teresa, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1870: Zipcode of Antipolo in Antipolo City, Rizal - (Region IVA)

1860: Zipcode of Rodriguez (Montalban) in Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal - (Region IVA)

1850: Zipcode of San Mateo in San Mateo, Rizal - (Region IVA)

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