Kabugao, Apayao - (CAR)
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Location: Kabugao, Apayao - (CAR)

Kabugao is a municipality in the province of Apayao. It is the capital municipality of Apayao. One can smell the pine scented breeze that comes from the towering peaks of the Northern most point of the Cordillera Range.

According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 13,985 people in 2,501 households.

Kabugao is politically subdivided into 21 barangays.

The town was founded by the American pacifying forces in 1913. The first mayor was manuel Rugrog of Barangay Bulu. Hon Reynald Talimbatog is the Chief Executive at present.

The majority of the populace of the town of Kabugao are called ISNAG. They are a mixture of several blood. They are the offspring of the intermarriage of Ilocanos, natives, Tagalogs, people from the coastal plains and the Americans.

The climate is dry between the months of November and April, and wet the rest of the year.