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General Description

A.S.S. Construction is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of services in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

As we recycle 100% of all recyclable materials such as steel, glass, tiles, crushed concrete, building resources, timber, metals to maximize their reusability and value to you.

Also, we commit ourselves to a clean and safe work environment to ensure the safety of our employees and others involved in the de-construction project.

Customer satisfaction is what we aim for in A.S.S. Construction. And always rest assured that the products and people we provide are accredited for safety, cleanliness, and quality.


For more information or quotation, contact us at:

Mobile(Globe) - 09175089932

Mobile(Sun) - 09228436194

Landline - (02) 428 27 36, (075) 523 - 20 - 58

Email: assconstruction25@yahoo.com

Website: assconstruction.co.nf

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