Kiddie Birthday and Party Catering Services

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General Description



1. 30 KIDDIE FOOD      

      A. Chicken Lollipop        

      B. Spaghetti        

      C. Cocktail Hotdogs with Marsmallow        

      D. Cheese Sticks 

      E. Chocolate Fudge       

      F. Pineapple Juice    


2. 50 ADULT FOOD    

    A. Roast Beef with Mushroom      

    B. Chicken Cordon Bleu       

    C. Bake Macaroni       

    D. Buttered Veggies      

    E. Sweet and Sour Meatballs       

    F. Pandan Rice     

    G. Rocky Road Cake    

    H. pineapple juice   


3. 1 Standard Cake (12x16) CAKE WITH 30 CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES    




5.  30 PCS Invitation Cards     


6.  30 PCS Name tags    


7.  30 PCS Party Hats    


8.  30 Loot bags with Goodie and educational Materials 


9. 1 Pabitin w/ Price


10. 1 Candy Pull w/ Goodies


11. 2 Clowns w/ Hosting, Balloon Twisting and magical Games


12. Face Painting Unlimited


13. Balloons Décor Included

     A.  2 Units Pillar Balloons

     B. 30 Sticks Balloons w/ Ribbons

     C. Simple Balloon Centerpiece for Guest Tables


14. Theme Backdrop: Tarpaulin (3x4)


15. Chocolate Fountain w/ Dippers (Marshmallow, Choco-Sticks-o, Wafer, Gummy, and Toasted Garlic) 


16. Free Food Taste


17. Surprise Gift for the Celebrant and Mommy   



FOR MORE DETAILS, PLEASE CALL @ 9125203/ 438-5933/ 09305202316



Thank You Very Much and More Birthday to come...!