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*With tables & chair w/ seat cover & motif

*Buffet table w/ skirting & pineapple fountain centerpiece

*Presidential table w/ elegant skirting

*Gift table & cake table w/ skirting

*With decorated cage & pair of dove

*Champagne for toasting

*Uniformed waiters

*2 Layers Wedding Cake

*Guestbook or signature frame

*Food taste for 2

*Chocolate fountain w/ dippers


>Chicken Cordon Bleu

>Roast Beef w/ mushroom or Lengua mushroom

>Sweet & Sour Meatballs (Beef) 

>Buttered vegetables w/ ham & Cheese

>Bake macaroni or Carbonara or Sotanghon Guisado

>Pandan Rice

>Rocky road chocolate Fudge brownies

>Pineapple juice or Ice tea (Bottomless)


FOR MORE DETAILS and FREE FOOD TASTE, PLEASE CALL @ 9125203/ 09305202316 / 438-5933


Thank You Very Much& More Power..!

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