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Location: [9 Pittsburgh St Cubao Quezon City] - , Pateros, Metro Manila - (NCR)

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  SET A:  P150 

1.Cheesy Meatball w/ Pesto

2.Cocktail Sandwich

3.Lumpia Shanghai


5.Iced tea


SET B P175

1.Ham & Cheese Roll

2.Spicy Tuna on Cucumber slice

3.Fried Dumpling

4.Pepperoni w/ Mushroom Tart

5.Bake Macaroni

6.Chocolate Fudge

7.Pineapple Juice or Iced Tea


SET C P225

1.Rolled Crabstick w/ Chili Sauce

2.Roast Beef Sandwich

3.Fish Fillet w/ Black Olives on Potato

4.Chicken Lollipop


6.Sotanghon Guisado

7.Assorted Pastries

8.Mini Tacos

9.Pineapple Juice or  Iced Tea


Plus 10 % service charge, w/ waiters, ice, buffet table

For details, please call @ 912-5203 or 438-5933



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