Luna, Apayao - (CAR)
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Location: Luna, Apayao - (CAR)

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Luna is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Apayao. Lush flora. Abundant fauna. Towering peaks. Cascading falls. Teeming streams and rivers describes this beautiful place.

According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 14,154 people in 2,776 households.

Luna is politically subdivided into 22 barangays.

In the early 1900’s, the old Antonio Barroga of Dingras, Ilocos Norte braved the perils and uncertainties of his journey to thee as through a crude boat in search of a “promised land”.

How to get Here by Land.

Means of transportation - Bus (Florida, RCJ), i.e. Manila to Jct Luna, then by Tricycle going to Poblacion Luna with a distance of almost 8 kms.


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Mt. View Deck

This is one of the highest peak of the municipality where one could see the perfect view of the town and other towns of Cagayan.

It provides the climbers with a breathtaking of the view, different with orchids as well as rare plants with ornamentals are found here.

The site is 2 kilometers from the national highway.

Lussok Crystal Cave

Situated at the rocky slope of Brgy. Dagupan sitio Kabunnayan, Luna, Apayao, a 3 room cave with dripping water that forms stalagmites of different beautiful shapes present an irresistible invitation to tourist hikers. This is also an ideal place for swimming and boating.

This Multi-Chambered Creek has an underground creek that discharges into blue lagoon at the entrance. Its name Crystal Cave is derived from the creek’s crystal-clear cool water. This is an intriguing place to visit because of the preservation of nature.

The site is 4 kilometers from the national highway.

Allabang Cave

Allabang Cave is an intriguing place for spelunkers, huge quantities of guano are found here. This cave was already documented by ABSCBN through the courtesy of DOT-CAR on July 9, 2006.

The site is kilometers from the national highway.

Bayugao Falls

Turod, Luna, Apayao

The cool clean water falls of Bayugao is a refreshing tourist attraction around 4 km away from Poblacion. This is a 3 deck natural pools rising about 12 meters from each other mark. The waterfalls from the top pool cascade to the next in fluid succession. These natural pools provide clean, cool mountain spring water for anyone to enjoy swimming.

The waterfalls has towering mountain ranges attraction invitation to students from Manila & other towns.

The site is 3 kilometers from the national highway.


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Transient Homes: Verzola transient Home, Ballesteros Homes and Managkil Residence


Luna Gymnasium - This gymnasium is equipped with a pair of Fiberglass Boards with Electronic Scoreboard, a Multimedia Sound and can accomodate 5000 people.

San Isidro Gymnasium - A little smaller gymnasium, generally used for different kind of programs.

SHOPPING: De La Cruz Grocery-San Isidro Sur, Martin's Grocery-San Isidro Sur

The climate is dry between the months of November and April, and wet the rest of the year.

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